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Black Marquina is one of the most classical and solemn aspect marble. In marble market, it is compared to the highest quality among great-hardness natural stones. Its color depends on the amount of veins and type of finish. Its bottom is uniform and dark and it is only splashed by white calcite veins contributing to provide great character and contrast.

It is ideal for all type of elaborations for the construction sector, due to its great hardness and resistance, it is recommended even for great deterioration surfaces. However, it is used in all type of indoor applications along with white marble in elegant and classical combinations. Black Marquina Market is very well established everywhere, and is a reference for Spanish marble among architects and designers.

Its popularity has not decreased and is considered timeless and demanded for the most exclusive and solemn applications, as well as for surfaces subject to more aggressions. In both cases, it is used with great efficiency.

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