Crema Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil Marble- HOTELS Crema Marfil marble, one of the most important materials in Spain in the field of natural stone. EXPLOCAN is a large enterprise, classified as Spanish marble factory and a presence on every continent, and with a large volume of sales spread worldwide. As we know the Crema Marfil marble, it is established

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Construction Company from Spain

Today we will discuss the main Spanish construction companies that operate around the world. There are 6 large companies covering most of the trade that this sector includes. They are very important companies in Spain, led by big business, with many years of experience and above all a great capital that abala. 6 large groups

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Latest trends in marble …

Latest trends in marble ... During this post, we are talking about these four materials; Amber, Grey Spain, Pietra Grey and Silver Travertine. Nowadays they are considered as the latest trends of stone market, they are materials which that in recent years have significantly increased sales due to its characteristics, all special and unique. As

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Marmol Sierra Elvira

Sierra Elvira Hoy vamos a hablar del mármol Sierra Elvira... Todo un desconocido dentro del mármol español, pero que viene pisando fuerte… Llenando millones de proyectos alrededor del mundo de resistencia y sobre todo, estilo. Se trata de una roca marmórea de color gris, históricamente conocida como Bronceado Sierra Elvira, debido a sus filtraciones ocres.

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TOP 15 Marble Suppliers in DOHA, Qatar

Good morning, Today we keep on talking about the most important Marble Suppliers in DOHA, Qatar. We are EXPLOCAN, an important company Spanish Marble Supplier. We are specialized in Spanish marble as Dark Emperador and Crema Marfil. We have our own quarries, so we had the chance to import Spanish marble to worldwide for 40 years. According

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TOP 10 Marble Supplier in UAE – 2 Part

TOP 10 Marble Supplier in UAE - 2 Part This is the second part of TOP 10 Marble suppliers in UAE. You can find the fist part here: Or read this summary... In this post let's go to follow with this topic, but in this case the companies are more than a factory, they

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In this post the main topic is Marble suppliers in UAE. As natural stone manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in the United Arab Emirates market we made a ranking of the most important Spanish marble suppliers in Middle East. EXPLOCAN is an important marble supplier from Spain. This factory with more than

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Marble colors: Green, Red, Pink, Blue, White

  Marble is one of the most used stones by consumers when they want to establish any accessory for homes. This is because it has a great quality and provides an extensive range of material that match to chromatic nature. Finish and textures allow to locate this material in a vantage point with respect to

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