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Wall, facade and ceiling cladding can be made with different material, with the purpose to embellish or contribute to a greater comfort, warmth or noise insulation of the area.

Also, atmospheric phenomena may cause an important ceiling deterioration, facades or walls, and cladding is recommended to prevent deterioration.

Natural cladding, as those made of stone, is fixed to surface through holding material or anchorage, as welding or tiled.

Natural stone is very well-known due to many advantages: it is a sober, singular and unique (each stone is different), is long-lasting, which becomes into an excellent material to be used in outdoor cladding.

Marble, granite, limestone, slate or sandstone are ideal stones for façade cladding, tile roofs, walls or ceilings.

The stone located in cladding can present different finish: bush-hammered (with craters), honed (with a flat and honed surface), cut, slab-shaped (with slight irregular surface), polished (smooth surface), scraped (with totally smooth surface) or scraped (smooth but with very natural aspect).

At Explocan we offer the best natural stone of the market coming directly from our quarries. Also, we have qualified professional team in charge to always offering the best solution to our clients.

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