Marble colors: Green, Red, Pink, Blue, White


Marble is one of the most used stones by consumers when they want to establish any accessory for homes. This is because it has a great quality and provides an extensive range of material that match to chromatic nature. Finish and textures allow to locate this material in a vantage point with respect to their competitors; marble is a recurrent election for the present and modern decoration. These are only some of the most popular colors used in the world:

Indian Green Marble: This type of marble has intense green color with a great wealth of shades and green tonalities. This color is unusual and provides personality that will attract and convince to most people. This type of marble is not only appearance, has an outstanding resistance in a great election to install in outdoor spaces; it is long lasting and resistant.

Rojo Alicante Marble: This is a natural stone that has originated in Spain, concretely in Alicante surrounding. As the main characteristic, it is showy light red tone. To all this it is necessary to add that it is a product with finish for surface and very easy maintenance that allows all type of. This a very good election recommended for all users.

Portuguese Pink Marble: This type of marble is very demanded to provide on a series of tones, from white, pink, cream and even salmon. A product adapted for the creation of different pink accessories to match the rest by the area.

Blue Marble: This natural stone can also be found in different tones from blue. Users are many who search for this type of color to create surroundings adapted in the different atmospheres for marble installation. This tone is one of the most demanded along with white marble.

White Marble: white marble is used since ancient times. It has been used for the construction of great temples, stairs or to embellish different areas from particular homes. At the present time, it is used for a great diversity of areas and is one of the most demanded for its versatility in different places and occasions.

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