Construction Company from Spain

Today we will discuss the main Spanish construction companies that operate around the world.

There are 6 large companies covering most of the trade that this sector includes. They are very important companies in Spain, led by big business, with many years of experience and above all a great capital that abala.

6 large groups are ACS, Acciona, FCC, Ferrovial, OHL and Sacyr are companies engaged in the construction of civil works mostly with more than 70 million euros in international projects which multiplies 7 figures domestic projects.

ACS With only 6% of projects in Spain, based most of its profits on works worldwide.

Recent projects we are working this company are:

  • AVE to Mecca, where he participates in a consortium of several companies.
  • SH-288 road in Harris County (Houston, Texas, United States)
  • Different sections of the N-25 and N-30 road in Ireland.
  • Construction of the southern link between I-10 and SR303L in the city of Goodyear in the state of Maricopa (Arizona, United States)
  • Construction of the highway S8 (Poland)
  • Bruce Highway Highway in Queensland (Australia)
  • Construction of tunnel for the sewer system of the city of Doha (Qatar)


project marble

Acciona -more than 25% to make projects in Spain. But still it participates in large international projects such as:

  • METRO DE MEDELLIN (Colombia)
  • Sherborne International School and Finland-Qatar International School (Qatar)


Ferrovial for 18.7% of its projects are carried out in Spain in 2016. All others are developed outside the Spanish borders. Besides the construction is a company dedicated to the design, construction, financing and operation of airport infrastructure. Some of his most important projects are:

  • Hearthrow Airport (England)
  • Glasgow Airport (England)
  • Highway in Bratislava
  • Metropolitan train Gdansk (Poland)


FCC despite having a nearly 25 (23.6%) of projects in Spain, is another large companies thanks to agreements made with the major construction of the various countries in which it operates has been achieved with the Over the years his way in the construction sector internationally.

  • Metro Lima – Together with ACS (Peru)
  • Riyadh Metro
  • Metro Toronto (Canada)
  • Gerald Desmond Bridge Los Angeles (USA)


OHL, with 17% of projects in Spain, is one of the companies that is slowly carving out a future in America, setting all their efforts on the large Latin American economies such as Mexico, Chile and Panama.

  • Toluca International Airport (Mexico)
  • Port of Valparaiso (Chile)
  • Highways Mexico


Sacyr – only 16% of the projects of this company are made is Spain, all others are scattered throughout the 28 countries in which Sacyr offers its services. They have done many projects worldwide such as:

  • Rehabilitation and adaptation of the headquarters of the Bank for International Business (Angola)
  • Campus Library University Agostinho Neto (Angola)
  • Construction of the Underground station and bus Vila Prudente (Brazil)
  • Hospital Antofagasta (Chile)


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