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Dark Emperador

Spanish Dark Emperador is a brown marble that it is widely accepted throughout the world. Inherently it has a series of branched colors which provide it with elegance and majesty.

Its dark shade is combined with softer colors that give a touch of style, class and elegance that make it an ideal marble placed on any type of stay.

Finishings Dark Emperador

This type of brown marble can be found in various finishes: polished, sawn (raw), honed, bush hammered, aged …

Example of Dark Emperor Bush-hammered and cutting.

dark emperador marmol

Formats Dark Emperador

This material supports all formats:

  • Block
  • Table
  • Slab
    • 120×120
    • 90×90
    • 60×60
    • 60×30
    • 40×40
    • 30×30
    • Cut to size
    • Pavers of 4,8 cm

Everything in 2 and 3 cm.

dark emperador marmol

Applications Dark Emperador

In addition, Dark Emperador marble has technical features that make it the ideal material for both floors and coatings, as well as home accessories like sinks, counter tops and floors.

From Explocan  we offer the best quality marble, so you can design any type of architectural element with taste and elegance.

marmol español

Physico- Mechanical Properties

Volumetric weight2,65 gr/cm3
Coefficient of absorption0,40 %
Compression strenght597 kg/cm2
Flexure strenght210 kg/cm2

All our products are of the highest quality and consistency. Also, we offer in different forms and finish.

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