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Countertops are plates or pieces that are placed and the top part of a furniture, and that is usually placed in kitchens and baths. This type of tables or plates significantly embellishes the areas, due to this, it is important to carefully select the material in which we want to construct our granite countertops.

Granite is usually a material very used in bath and kitchen countertops. It is an igneous stone that is formed from quartz, feldspar and mica. It has a very beautiful appearance that provides exclusivity to the area it is placed. Besides, it is a very practical material, since it does not require many special care regarding cleaning (only water and soap are required), and presents long-time durability.

Also, granite is a suitable material in kitchen and bath countertops because it is very resistant to high temperature. Although, it is recommended to use a table or base at the time of supporting pots or kitchen boiling utensils.

Granite obtained in Spain presents three predominant tones: red, gray and blue.

At Explocan we provide the best granite of the market, namely: Brazilian Granite (Exotic, Yellow Santa Cecilia, Veneziano Yellow, Californian Yellow, Yellow Fiorito), Indian Granites (Black Galaxy, Absolute Black, Tan Brown), that comes directly from our delegations in the origin countries and they are processed in our own facilities at Novelda or Cartagena. Secondly, we provide you with the service of specialized human talent team that works every day for offering the best quality product.

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