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Columns are architectonic elements that usually have cylindrical or polygonal form, and are usually used as decorative elements.

Marble columns provide showiness and elegant and matchless style to any area of the house.

Marble must be properly chiseled and polished at the time of constructing a decorative column. Due to this, Explocan make you available an extensive variety of marble extracted directly from our quarries.

Crema Marfil marble is a stone of ochre tones or beige, that usually presents a very uniform color and, rarely can have darker veins distributed along its irregular form surface.

No matter the style, Crema Marfil marble will combine perfectly with other decorative elements, as well as with the colors of mark paintings, moldings and walls. Its color contributes to clarity and elegance to the area.

On the other hand, Dark Emperador marble is a Spanish brown marble whose internal colors are intrinsically graft, which contributes to elegance and richness Its dark color matches perfectly with clearer architectonic elements, namely stairs, arcs, baseboards or fountains.

Finally, at Explocan we offer Rojo Alicante to you, a reddish marble and very compact texture, that perfectly matches with more classic decorations or modern decorative styles.

columnas de marmol explocan
columnas marmol explocan

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