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At Explocan, we are specialist in manufacturing high quality marble and natural stone. Since 1965 our company has specialized in marble, granite, natural, sandstone, limestone and slate manufacturing for the construction sector.

Among our specialties, we have Crema Marfil, Dark Emperador, Rojo Alicante, Light Emperador, Marquina Black, White Macael, Silver Travertine, Gray Travetine, Pietra Grey… with different finish, namely: gross, polished, honed, antique, acid-washed, flamed, split-face… We are distributor of different pieces for the construction of walls, customized facades, floors or baseboards.

The stone quality is guaranteed by an extensive customer portfolio throughout all these years and good service rendered. Today, our main market, apart from Spain is: the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Mecca, Jeddah, Medina), Doha, Beirut, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen), although we have an ample exporting tradition and part of our human talent team is centered in search for new markets, namely: Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica) and North America (Texas, Florida, North Carolina).

In our facilities we have an extensive, modern and versatile machinery, through which we managed to provide fast and quality solutions to all our clients.

Crema Marfil is internationally recognized as the best marble cream of the market. It has an excellent exquisite chromatic and polished wealth, in addition to being a very resistant material against different types of impact. Also, it is low-coefficient of water absorption, it is recommended for floors and baths. Its smooth surface and light color allow to carry out any type of finishing.

Rojo Alicante is a Spanish marble of red color that has fine white veins that provide elegance and subtleness. It is a functional and comfortable material that presents great facility for cleaning and care. In addition, it is suitable for open spaces as for indoor finishing. It is also suitable for facades, floors, pavement and veneered.

Dark Emperador is a dark brown stone, compacted fine grain. It is very uniform tone and it presents abundant small veins of yellowish color that intercross to each other. It is a suitable marble for indoor and outdoor floors, as well as for stairs, columns, baths and fountains.

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