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Marble Floor

Marble is a material extremely resorted to the floor covering.

Thanks to its strength and hardness manages to be one of the most demanding applications for this type of natural stones. In Spain, we have several materials that over time have made their way worldwide in the market of natural stone. We have plain backgrounds, striking veining or degraded almost imperceptible, all in a range of shades the widest possible from the Crema Marfil clear to black Marquina.


suelos de marmol

Crema Marfil marble is a marble rock. It is a beige marble, very compact and fine-grained.

As for color, it is very uniform, but may not always something darker vein that can be spread over its surface irregularly.

It is a widely used type of stone for floor coverings and wall coverings, especially in bathrooms. It is a material widely used in hotels and homes looking to decorate their toilets with simple and clear environments, as this marble brings plenty of light to the rooms in which it is applied.

It is usually composed of calcite, dolomite and some fossils.

marmol crema
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The model is a Spanish Dark Emperador marble brown that is widely accepted throughout the world. Inherently it has a series of branched colors which provide it with elegance and majesty.

Its dark shade is combined with softer colors that give a touch of style, class and elegance that make it an ideal marble placed on any type of stay.

It is a brown marble that is found mainly applied in soils, to make drawings and even mixed with Crema Marfil marble or Light Emperor, and playing with mixtures of colors, contrast that produce, etc.

dark emperador suelo

To learn more about the Dark Emperador marble, click here.


Explocan. rojo alicante

Alicante red marble is very characteristic. It is a stone with a great visual impact. It has a red tone that produces an explosion of color in every project in which it is used.

It is a material because of its hue brings life and joy to any environment, creating contrast and as we can see in the image, creating a warm family atmosphere.

suelo rojo alicante



Black Marble Marquina, another big name in the market of Spanish marble.

It is a black marble with white veining. It is a fine-grained marble which may contain lighter areas, reaching acquiring more gray tones. Depending on the quality of the stone we had an almost absolute black to another abounding white calcite veining.

This marble supports any finish, so we can find Black Marquina marble both polished and honed or aged.

suelo negro marquina



Light Emperor is another great Spanish marbles found in the peninsula.

It is a brown material, but unlike the Dark Emperor, this type of Spanish marble is several shades lighter, its bottom is sand color with beige veining.

This type normally sells marble polished tiles, and is used for tiles, flooring and kitchen appliances, as it creates a sophisticated atmosphere and at the same time relaxed.


All these types of marble are from Spain, although there are several imitations that are sold with the same name are very different in technical characteristics.

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Explocan. Suelos de marmol.
Explocan. Suelos de marmol.

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