Quarries are mining operations from which rocks are extracted for indoor or outdoor decoration in buildings and homes. Stones obtained from quarries are not subject to concentration processes, as material extracted from other mining activities.

Our quarries are Explocan’s main supply source. From there, best quality natural resources are extracted to become into the best stone product in the market, emphasizing in all construction projects.

Marble is a metamorphic rock that is formed when limestone rocks are under high temperature, is versatile and beautiful for sculpting, decoration elements and construction.

Stone extracted from our quarries is high-quality, and is also characterized by a wide variety after the transformation process carried out in our factory; crema marfil, rojo alicante, dark emperador, granite, sandstone, limestone, natural slate and stones.

Once stones are extracted, they are subject to the most modern manufacturing process by means of cutting-edge technology. This, apart from the effort of our excellent human talent, transforms Explocan stones into high quality material that may be used in all type of construction projects, namely: facades, walls, tops, baseboards, tables, floors, baths, stairs, etc.

At Explocan, we offer to our clients the best and varied solutions for marble construction and other types of stones.


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