Marble is a great beauty rock, suitable for the construction of decorative and sculpting elements, as well as for the elaboration of different architectonic elements as floors, facades, top or baths.

Marble tables are very functional elements either for home, office or business. Also, they contribute to great distinction and elegance to any area.

At Explocan you will be able to find different types of marble:

Crema Marfil: Crema Marfil is internationally recognized as the best marble cream of the market. It has an excellent chromatic and exquisite polish, apart from being a very resistant material against different types of impact. Also, it has a low coefficient of water absorption, it becomes into a material indicated for floors and baths. Its smooth surface and light color allow to carry out any type of finish.

Rojo Alicante: Rojo Alicante is a Spanish reddish marble that has fine white veins provided with elegance and subtleness. It is a functional and comfortable material that presents great facility for cleaning and care. Besides, it is very apt for open spaces for indoor finishes. It is suitable for plate facades, floors, pavement and veneered.

Dark Emperador: it is brown dark, very compact fine grain. It has a very uniform tone and it presents abundant small yellowish crossed veins. It is a suitable marble for indoor and outdoor floors, as well as for stairs, columns, baths and fountains.


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