Chimneys can be constructed completely in stone, or be made in another material and stone-cladded.

In many homes, chimneys receive an excellent leadership and are the central part of a hall, garden or living room. Nevertheless in other houses, chimneys cannot be the central elements of the area and are fitted only and exclusively to its use. That is to say, to warm up the room in which they are located.

Natural stone in cut blocks of symmetrical form or asymmetrically, is usually the perfect material for the construction of chimneys with rough style, since they contribute to great warmth to the area in which they are located.

Also, stoned-cladded chimneys with slabs also are very adapted in front or corner chimneys.

For the construction of natural stone chimneys, rubblework techniques are used. This way, the stone extracted from the quarry is previously cut to the construction of the stone chimney.

A stone piled up system for the construction of a chimney can also be used, either for indoor or outdoor. This type of design requires great ability in its construction process, but the result is very showy and elegant. For its perfect finish, it is not usually used cement in the most visible parts of the chimney, and it is used in hidden zones, that are the structural base of the stone chimney.


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