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Crema Marfil Marble- HOTELS

Crema Marfil marble, one of the most important materials in Spain in the field of natural stone.

EXPLOCAN is a large enterprise, classified as Spanish marble factory and a presence on every continent, and with a large volume of sales spread worldwide.

As we know the Crema Marfil marble, it is established as one of the most suitable materials for large works because it is a product that in addition to hardness and strength brings elegance, simplicity and radiance to each of the projects in which it is applied.

In this post, we will list major hotel projects that have applied the Spanish Crema Marfil marble. As we can see, over the years EXPLOCAN has positioned itself as one of the most important Spanish factories marble at the Levantine coast.

Crema Marfil marble as above have explained is a material widely used thanks to its characteristics, so today is with the Dark Emperor, another Spanish marble well known as one of the key products in markets as important as they are marble market in the Middle East and America.

Crema Marfil marble – Applications

One of the major projects in which Explocan has participated as principal distributor of the marble is the Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino, one of the best known in the Egyptian city, thanks to its classic look and luxury details.

Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino

This hotel is considered one of the most luxurious in the city, open since 1982 when they decided to reform, architects and interior designers could not resist applying this marble in their project to get that mix of tradition and elegance pursuing.

As we can see the Spanish Crema Marfil marble is a very versatile material and find applications in bathrooms and interior coating indifferently in soils, cladding and even on foreign soil.

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The city of luxury, Dubai, is one of the cities where not only found a hotel, there are several resorts that surrounded seeking perfection of wealth, good materials and excellent decor create incredible complex and where to stay between grandiosity and distinction.

hotels like

The One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai

The Grosvenor House Dubai Marina Beach

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We also found large structures covered with Spanish Crema Marfil marble across the pond. From Puerto Rico through Cuba, Mexico and even in Chicago found countless projects with this kind of beige Crema Marfil marble.

Complexes in which the main feature seeks balance between delicacy of form and taste for exuberance, without forgetting that besides all this material must be of an incredible quality to resist the influx of people these resorts can find and adverse weather conditions which will be exposed.


But do not leave the European continent to find great works that have implemented this type of material with Dark Emperor. These images belong to hotels located in Europe …

hotel-en-crema-marfil-y-dark-emperador4 hotel-en-crema-marfil-y-dark-emperador1 hotel-en-crema-marfil-y-dark-emperador2 hotel-en-crema-marfil-y-dark-emperador3


Crema Marfil marble, as we appreciated in many applications where we can add, is a very versatile material because of its hardness and strength.

If you want to know more about this product you only have to click on the link below and know more about this wonderful material, which gradually fills walls and floors around the world.

CREMA MARFIL MARBLE- Description and Data sheet

And of course if you want to get Spanish Crema Marfil marble, please contact us at and always get the best quality at the best prices.

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