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Facades are the most visible architectonic element of a house, due to this, it is important that selecting material is adapted to find the effect desired at the time of home or building design.

Rough style is always a magnificent election that, in addition, never is out-of-fashion. Either if the house is in the forest or in the center of a large city, if you desire to provide a rough appearance, it is important that the facade is designed with suitable material.

If stone is selected as the main material for the construction of rough facade, it is important to preserve all those details that can be characteristic of rural means. For such, it is better to select a stone less treated that maintains its original form, almost intact.

Also, other elements, namely: lintels, arcs, jambs or stone abutments also contribute to provide a typical rough air to construction.

There are numerous types of decorative ideal stones to integrate in a rough facade, and according to the form or design chosen, different effects in the facade will be able to be obtained: slab, brick-shaped stone, stone that simulate the paving stone, piling stone, in cascade, castle, country stack, river or wall, etc.

Finish of the stone will be chosen based on the type of stone selected for rough facade: Polished (shining and smooth), Flamed (more rough and corrugated), Honed (smooth finish and polished surface but honed), Bush-hammered (rough, homogenous surface with small craters), or Sawed (with rough surface).

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