Natural stone is a suitable material for floor construction, since it presents diverse advantages, such as resistance, anti-slip properties, easy-to-clean, or high-durability degree.

Nevertheless, it is important to determine the type of stone to be installed in each pavement, based on the space of the new floor.

At Explocan, we offer sandstone and slate for the construction of high quality floors, and all of them coming directly from our own quarries.

Slate is a hard and compact stone that matches perfectly to the roughest floors. It is impermeable, long-lasting material to time aggression, as well as to deterioration. It is also very resistant stone to acid, due to this, it is ideal for kitchen and bath floors. Slate for floors in different tones can be found: light gray, dark gray green, black, brown or purple.


On the other hand, sandstone is suitable for the construction of rough floors, especially of outdoor, since it is very resistant to humidity and deterioration. It has very little rugosity, pretty veins, and texture similar to sand. Sandstone usually has neutral colors, such as ochre, light cream or grays.


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