TOP 10 Marble Supplier in UAE – 2 Part

TOP 10 Marble Supplier in UAE – 2 Part

This is the second part of TOP 10 Marble suppliers in UAE. You can find the fist part here:

Or read this summary…

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In this post let’s go to follow with this topic, but in this case the companies are more than a factory, they used to make projects too.

EXPLOCAN as the main supplier of Crema marfil and Dark Emperador, we made a list of the TOP 10 companies to supply Spanish marble in UAE.

EXPLOCAN is one of the most important company in Natural Stone field in UAE. With some stockyards spread for United Arab Emirates and some huge quarries in Spain we can provide Spanish marble to worldwide.

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dark emperador factory


TOP 6 Marble supplier

dark emperador factory


Supplier information

Deemah Stone is a company created in Australia in 1985. After a lot of work and effort, it started to spread through others countries. In 2007, it began its development in United Arab Emirates as a marble supplier. Then it was working hardly until to be a recognised granite and marble wholesale.
Nowadays Deemah Stone is one of the most important marble factories of the natural stone sector. It commercialises with a large range of Spanish and Italian marble and granite.

The main advantage is…

Products like Dark Emperador, Crema marfil o Carrara marble are offered to the clients. And thanks to them, this supplier marble has more than 2000 projects with hundreds of branches in Australia, Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In its selection of natural stone, we can find a lots of Spanish products like emperador light, crema Valencia, crema marfil, Marquina black, Red Alicante, etc. and a huge variety of granites and limestone.
But they have more, if you think in changing your kitchen. They can make the project for you, and they can put you a granite countertop in your house, or some beautiful walls cover of travertine.
So as they say, its services are: supply, fabrication and installation of natural stone in all types, finishes, sizes and shapes.

TOP 7 Marble supplier

crema marfil factory

MOSART- Abu Dabhi, United Arab Emirates

“Mosart is committed to create symphonies in stone” as we can read in their website.

Company information

It calls itself like the experts of natural stone. After more than 10 years, it has known how to find their place in the sector of Spanish marble supplier. This firm specializes in transforming natural stone into bespoke work of art.

The main difference is…

Besides its trademark of marble and granite, all applications ranging from polished kitchen countertops to elegant marble water jet designs. It usually uses natural stones as Spanish marble like dark emperador, crema marfil, red Alicante…
Mosart is a large company of importation of marble and granite, but it a firm that offers integral services to realize any project, from engineering and and consulting to production and installation of this natural stone.
It has in their portfolio with projects of important hotels, restaurants and palaces like The Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Grand Mosque en Abu Dabhi or the IBN Battuta Gate Hotel de Dubai. Some of them are made of Crema Marfil or crema Valencia (light colours) and marquina black or dark emperador (dark colours).

TOP 8 Marble Supplier

natural stone trading


Company information

Carrara imports natural Stone to United Arab Emirates since 1977. Spanish marble and granite are the material more important to this marble supplier.
It is another famous supplier of the country. But it also can offer you the several services to complete a project. From the import of slabs to the manufacturing process and creation of finished works for any size project including engineering support, laying and installation.
It supplies the quantity needed of the natural stone that you want, and it makes to you a polished kitchen countertop of granite or maybe all the tiles that you need of for example Crema marfil or dark emperador.

The main difference is…

Its big success is thanks to the preparation and professionalism of its workers, its great facilities and its essential equipment to develop all the process of marble.
In its project we can find some spectacular building like mall of emirates Dubai full of colours coming from  crema marfil, travertines, granites…

TOP 9 Marble Supplier


FINO- Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Company information

Fino is much more than a Spanish marble supplier. Fino is located in Jebel Ali, Dubai. One of the most industrial area of Dubai, where we can find a lot of warehouses of Spanish marble suppliers.
Fino is compound for 4 different areas, one of them is FINO Marble. Its main function is importation. Over all, Spanish marble from Red Alicante, Dark emperador o crema marfil.

The main chance is…

This company has all services needed to started a project thanks to a lot of agreement that they have with others firms from supplier the marble or polished the slabs of natural stone to consulting.
In its website there are many very important projects like it can be some lines of the subway, hotel, palaces…
Everything was built, installed and designed for the group with a big quantity of great marble applications. It is used to work with Spanish marble and granite.

TOP 10 Marble Supplier

natural stone trading EAU


Company Information

Dar Al Rockam is an important company in United Arab Emirates. It works in Spanish marble importation area. It used to commercialize with Dark emperador, Crema marfil and Brazilian exotic marbles.

The main difference…

The firm has a lot of huge projects of hotels, buildings and palaces like Burj Al Arab, Dubai International Airport, etc…
All of them are really famous because of their marble applications in their structure and as decoration.

To sum it up, the sector of Spanish marble importation to United Arab Emirates has a large movement of business between companies of both countries.
Positioning this material as a essential material in the building sector in one of the richest place in the world. Nowadays it’s United Arab Emirates composed of Abu Dabi, Ajmán, Dubái, Fuyaira, Ras al-Jaima, Sharjah and Wadi Kombo.
Dark emperador or Crema Marfil marble, which are the most famous stones, are something indispensable to this project. Because of these kinds of natural stone add to these buildings a special touch of smartness and style.

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dark emperador factory

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