In this post the main topic is Marble suppliers in UAE. As natural stone manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in the United Arab Emirates market we made a ranking of the most important Spanish marble suppliers in Middle East.

EXPLOCAN is an important marble supplier from Spain. This factory with more than 50 years of experience can offer the best quality marbles. We are specialized in Dark Emperador and Crema Marfil. We have our own quarry and we can give you the best prices of the market.

We have an important headquarter in UAE. So if you want some information, please get in contact with us here.


Then we are going to talk about the most succesfull stone supplier companies in UAE…

marble company uae

TOP 1 Marble Supplier



Supplier Information

GLAZE, it is indisputably one of the biggest marble supplier company of UAE – United Arab Emirates.

This group has a huge variety and stocks of marbles and granites in all formats: 2 and 3 centimetres slabs, 60×60, 60×30…

We can find more than 250 colours along Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek and Turkish marbles. And we also find Brazilian, Indian, Italian, Spanish granites or Spanish and Turkish limestone. On top of these natural stone we can get Italian, Turkish and Iranian travertine, like silver travertine or red travertine. Nowadays, Iranian silver travertine is one of the most natural stone wanted.

The most famous Spanish marbles are Crema Marfil, Dark Emperador, Red Alicante, Light Emperador and Marquina Black in tiles of 2 and 3 centimetres in all qualities. Of course, we can buy this kind of natural stone in the factory of Glaze.

The most sold limestones from Spain are White Capri and Yellow Niwala limestone, and we can find them in this important marble factory.

Main difference in this factory…

Along their facilities we discover some warehouses spread all around United Arab Emirates.

They had their head office in Sharjah in Industrial Area number 15, but recently they changed their main stockyard from Sharjah to Asaya. They also have a warehouse with an enormous stock of marbles and granite tiles in Abu Dabhi.

In this way, GLAZE becomes established on the top of the Spanish marble supplier company with one of the largest natural stone catalogue of the UAE market. They offer a service as natural stone supplier of the Persian Gulf countries, like Oman, Doha or Bahrain. Thanks to the good logistic conditions of being placed in UAE – United Arab Emirates.

Their main difference is that they have marble and granite tile stock from anywhere in the world.

TOP 2 Marble Suplier

marble supplier 2


Factory information

Sunitalia is another natural stone wholesale, which is one of the leaders on marble supplier sector in United Arab Emirates.

A Lebanese family funded the marble factory and now, the second generation is the responsible for importation, commercialization and distribution of their huge Spanish and Italian marble stocks. They have Crema Marfil, Dark Emperador, White Carrara, Calacata and Statuario marble…

Main difference in this factory…

Its wide marble stock in slab also allowed selling marble slabs in surrounding countries as Oman and Doha. They make a difference in Dubai because of their big stock of slab of exotic Brazilian granite and yellow granite like California or Santa Cecilia yellow.

It is one of the largest natural stone supplier in the Middle East, specializing in exports of standard and high end material of slabs, blocks, tiles and cut to size natural stone to the local market and the surrounding region of the gulf and Middle East.

TOP 3 Marble Supplier

marble supplier 3

AL HASEM- Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Supplier Information

Al Hasem is doubtlessly the leader on wholesale marketplace of natural stone in Abu Dhabi.

Its factory in Abu Dhabi to stock up the marble and the granite slab are amazing. They are an example of cleanliness and tidiness even in European companies of natural stone commercialization.

The main difference in this factory…

Specialized in importation of Brazilian granite and Spanish marble, Italian marble and Turkish marble applying the different finishes from Polished to Flamed, Honed, Sand Blasted, Antique, Split-Face and Hand-Crafted.

This factory always has the latest materials arrived to the natural stone market. To achieve it, it has several agreements with the different marble quarries in Spain, Italy and Turkey. In this way, it gets to have in its stock the most innovative materials to follow the changeable market lines.

Its difference is a large stock of marble slabs from all around the world, showed in a clean and tidy way. Besides it is easier to architects and to designers to check the materials. So they can see the marble directly before they choose the perfect natural stone to their marble projects.

TOP 4 Marble Supplier


AL ASAL-  Sharjah, UAE

Factory information

Al Asal is managed by Ajay with more than 15 years of experience in natural stone sector in United Arab Emirates.

The Marble supplier has 4 stock yards distribute to Sharjah, where it keeps high quantities of marble and granite polished slabs. These natural stones are used to commercialization.

The main difference in this factory…

With these fantastic facilities, Al Asal had achieved to be one of the most important marble suppliers of UAE. It imports natural stone from all around the world. So the supplier company is a reference in the marble importation market, overall in the Spanish marble.


TOP 5 Marble Supplier

marble supplier 5

RATHATH-  Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Supplier Information

Rathath is a direct supplier and trading of premium quality natural stone. We specialize in providing a large variety of granite and marble as Spanish marble (dark emperador, crema marfil or crema Valencia)

This marble factory was founded in 2003, and from the beginning the main chance as marble supplier company was have a large variety of natural stone in its catalogue, a catalogue full of quality with the best prices of the marble slab market.

The main difference in this factory…

Specialised in all sorts of marble, Italian marbles like white carrara, calacata and statuario, Spanish marbles like Crema marfil, Dark emperador, Marquina black or Turkish like Burdur beige. You can be in contact with the owner to buy and to sell. So the business is easier.

Their main difference is that they have all kind of marble and granite, from Spanish Dark Emperador to Brazilian Mascarallo granite.


Next week, we will finish this post!

This is our second part of this post!

TOP 10 Marble Suppliers in UAE – Part 2

We talk about the others more important suppliers of marble in United Arab Emirates…

If you want more information, please let us know here!

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