TOP 15 Marble Suppliers in DOHA, Qatar – Part 1

Today we are talking about the most important Marble Suppliers in DOHA, Qatar.

We are EXPLOCAN an experienced company of production of marble and granite. We are specialist in Spanish marble, Dark emperador and Crema marfil.

We has been working in Qatari market for years, and in this ranking we present a lot of companies of this field.

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TOP 1 Marble Supplier

marble supplier doha

El Alfy – DOHA, Qatar

El Alfy Co. is an Egyptian company; it was established in Qatar some years ago.

This enterprise works with marble and granite, but they are specialist in Spanish marble like Dark Emperador or Crema marfil.

They company also has a big stockyard in United Arab Emirates, so they are working in several countries simultaneously.  Because of that it can supply all natural stones that you can need it.

This firm is one of the leader factories in the marble manufacturing sector.

They used to work to do important projects as palace, mansions, villas and important buildings all around the Persian Gulf.

They used to use Spanish marble tiles to recover walls and floors to give a touch of glamour to these buildings or villas.

TOP 2 Marble Supplier

factory of dark emperador

First Marble And Granite – DOHA, Qatar.

First Marble & Granite is one of the most important Marble, Granite and stone company located in Qatar. The enterprise is a main supplier and manufacturer of Spanish marbles and Brazilian granites like Dark Emperador, Crema marfil…

This firm has 3 different centres; each centre has an important function.


They have a high tech automated factory in Qatar. There, we can find the best facilities and machinery to offer the best quality to their clients in a competitive pricing.

As we said firstly, in this factory they work with several kinds of Spanish natural stone, like Dark Emperador or Crema Marfil.


First Marble & Granite Cutting center, it is the place where they provide cutting services to their clients. With a good quality and a professional staff, they work to be considered one of the most important enterprises of the Spanish marble sector.

They usually cut Spanish marble (Dark emperador or Crema marfil) in the common sizes 60×60 or 30×30.


First Marble & Granite adds another important service, trading. They work with a wide range of products (Marble and granite) with suppliers from worldwide, from America to Asia.


The Italian, Brazilian, Spanish, and India products like Dark Emperador tiles, Crema Marfil slabs or are now displayed at its showroom giving clients the opportunity to hand pick the goods that suits their project’s needs.

They usually work with some Spanish and Italian marbles tiles and slabs.

TOP 3 Marble Supplier

marble factory in doha

Boulos Group Stone – DOHA, Qatar

Qatari Marble market has a lot of influence from Lebanon. There are a lot of Lebanese companies in this sector in Qatar and Boulos Group Stone SAL is one of them.

This Lebanese firm is an important importer and wholesaler supplier of marble for several kind of building. It usually deals with very influence people so it works in international projects building the main structures of the countries where they are.

It began to be a regional supplier for wholesale clients in 1948 and 37 years later, they started to work with retail clients too.

With almost 70 years of experience Boulos Group Stone becomes to be one of the most important supplier of the Natural Stone sector.

In their catalogue we could find more than 100 kinds of marbles and granites including Spanish marbles (Dark Emperador, Crema Marfil, Marquina Black…).

TOP 4 Marble Supplier

spanish marble supplier

Marble stone itl- DOHA, Qatar

Marble stone ITL is an experienced marble supplier. It has a qualified staff and a pretty good equipment with the latest high-tech machines.

It provides a lot of services to make a project from the beginning to the end.

These services are carefully supervised to achieve the best results. It used to work on important project where it needs all its effort to get a great product.

Hay que poner mas

TOP 5 Marble Supplier

granite factory in doha

Hazim Brother for Construction – DOHA, Qatar

Hazim Brothers for Construction HBC is another Lebanese company established in Qatar. In that case, this company is Franco-Lebanese.

It was established by Hazim Brothers in 2002 in Lebanon, but in 2010 they decided to start in Qatar and 2 years later in Libya. It has very good facilities including a new factory to cut marble and granite.

They used to work with international natural stone from Spain, Italy, Brazil and Turkey.

But the main products that they commercialise are Spanish and Italian marbles as Dark Emperador, Crema Marfil, Carrara, Statuario…

These kinds of material are really popular worldwide, and we can use it from recovering walls to making countertops.

TOP 6 Marble Supplier


Golden marble was founded by Jalal, the manager from Bangladesh has got to put his company on the top of this sector.

The firm is considered as one of the most important supplier and distributor of natural stone of Qatar. With his reliability and trust, Golden marble is very well-known.

They used to buy material from Spain as Crema Marfil or Dark Emperador, Italia as White Carrara , Greece like White Thassos… On the other hand, we could find exotic granites from Brazil, India…

Golden marble as a popular marble supplier knows about the importance of the good quality of this natural stone. So, their products are used to do different smart buildings like malls, palaces and airports.

Their staffs are really interested on their clients. Because of that they focus the main chance in good quality and good prices of these marbles.

TOP 7 Marble Supplier

crema marfil factory in qatar


ASCON Marble and Granite LLC were settled down in 1993 in Dubai, UAE. They are one part of a big company called ASCON Group.

ASCON Group belongs to another group of companies, ETA. ETA is a mixture of different enterprises and they can offer any service that you could need. ETA takes part in a lot of projects which take place in Middle East.

ASCON Group is the part of the company that is specialised in natural stone.

Supply and installation of marble is one of its main purposes. Due to the big company that it belongs to it, the firm is an important marble supplier in a lot of the huge projects. Very important project are built in Doha, Qatar.

In this enterprise, we can find an enormous catalogue of different sorts of marbles and granites from all over the world, for example our Spanish marble, Dark Emperador and Crema Marfil.

It is associated to some international organizations like ‘Marble Institute of America’, ‘ASTM International Standard Worldwide’ and British Safety Council’.

TOP 8 Marble Supplier

dark emperador factory in qatar


Top Marbles & Granite Co.W.L.L belongs to Taleb Group. It started in Doha, Qatar in 2011 with the goal to serve the needs of natural stone (marble and granite) in Qatar.

They started as a marble supplier and little by little they got to be a recognised brand in the natural stone market.

They have a enormous range of material, and they can provide standard tiles 60×30 in the most of the colours. They work with marbles from other countries too, as Spain, Italy, India, and Greece… These countries allow having a complete catalogue of natural stone on the same company. That is a good advantage for this company!

This is the first part of a very interesting ranking.

This is the second one! Common go on reading!

TOP 15 Marble Supplier in DOHA, Qatar – Part 2


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