TOP 15 Marble Suppliers in DOHA, Qatar

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Today we keep on talking about the most important Marble Suppliers in DOHA, Qatar.

We are EXPLOCAN, an important company Spanish Marble Supplier.

We are specialized in Spanish marble as Dark Emperador and Crema Marfil. We have our own quarries, so we had the chance to import Spanish marble to worldwide for 40 years.

According to this experience, we started to do a ranking of the most importart supplier of Spanish Marble in DOHA, Qatar.

Here, we finish our ranking…

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TOP 9 Marble Supplier

dark emperador supplier

Al Marmar – DOHA, Qatar.

Al Marmar was established in 2000, the firm offers a complete service in stone industry converting natural stone into uncommonly beautiful granites and marbles.

The facilities of this factory are located in a big area with 5000m2, especially for marble and granite production. There is a special decoration division with high level consultants and skill full technicians in marble and granite.

TOP 10 Marble Suppliers

marble factory doha


Delheez Trading serving more than 10 years in Qatari market, is one of the most important firm of fit-out in Doha.

They focus their goals on getting some elegance and luxurious environment in their projects.  They are specialized in kitchens and interior design.

They want to give the chance to the local market to have a chic and stylish room. They usually get this style thanks to the marble applications. For example, they are used to working with Spanish marble like Dark Emperador or Crema marfil. These materials are really popular in Doha. In Delheez always takes in mind this Spanish marble to develop their projects.

Their main goal is to achieve to Qatari people to enjoy of a luxurious style of life at good prices.

TOP 11 Marble Suppliers

crema marfil supplier

Finar Marble– DOHA, Qatar

Finar was founded by Mr. Ali – Khatib, Mr. Hafeez Shehadi and Mr. Yahya Haji in 2005.

Finar is the main leader in Spanish marble sector due to have some headquarters in Spain. That helps to speed up the agreements usually between different companies in different countries, but in the event of this company, they found an advantage in this way of working.

That headquarter is located in Petrer, Alicante. Its managers are from Qatar and from Spain, so they have the perfect business.

They are also specialised in ceramic and roofing tiles. But the main services are interior design and supply marble and granite.


TOP 12 Marble Suppliers

natural stone factoy

Marble and Granite Center – DOHA, Qatar


Marble and Granite Center WLL opened its doors in 1989 because of the huge demand of natural stone in Qatar.

It started to buy marble in other countries and sell them in Doha.

They were the leaders of the high- tech installations in Qatar. In that way, they got very good results in this field, as trading marble company and as installing marble.

Along their huge range of marble we can find more than 300 different types with different origin and colours. They can supply their clients whatever they want from Spanish marble like Dark Emperador tiles or Crema Marfil slabs.

They have in their personnel the best technicians and engineers to do complicated projects to offer a completed service to their clients.


TOP 13 Marble Supplier

dark emperador quarry qatar


Servotek Group is a marble supplier of Doha, Qatar. With nearly 20 years of experience in this brach.

It has some agreement with quarries to get the best quality at the best prices. They are very popular because of their wide range of natural stone.

They can offer you several kinds and colours of that material. They are specialist in marble. They have very good facilities where they cut, polish and other manufatured services.

TOP 14 Marble Suppliers

marble supplier qatar

Urbacon Trading & Contracting – DOHA, Qatar

Urbacon Trading & Contracting is one of the most important companies of Doha. The firm is a mixture of different kinds of enterprises.

Some of the companies we have mentioned before work as affiliated companies. But they also have affiliated company from other fields, like aluminium or wood.

Among all companies have more than 4700 workers in their offices and factories.

This company is related to the construction world. They are used to build pretty big buildings as stadiums, hospital or public constructions. To their buildings they always used to have in mind material like Spanish marble to give to their projects a touch of elegance.

They used to work with the most important suppliers of marble to get good-quality materials.


TOP 15 Marble Suppliers

natural stone supplier

Classical Palace – DOHA, Qatar


Classical Palace is specialized in Architecture and landscaping. This company is used to make luxurious projects. In fact, we can see in their office a reflection of this. The office is a big palace decorated with style and taking in mind the latest fashion trends.

We can find 5 different division in this company:

Architecture where they make projects to the most popular people in Doha.

Interiors where they are in charge of decorating inside the project or villas.

Landscaping where they are responsible for doing the decoration outside.

Planning where they organized all divisions.

And the last one, scale models, where they develop the project in miniature to be showed.


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