Latest trends in marble …

Latest trends in marble …

During this post, we are talking about these four materials;

Amber, Grey Spain, Pietra Grey and Silver Travertine.

Nowadays they are considered as the latest trends of stone market, they are materials which that in recent years have significantly increased sales due to its characteristics, all special and unique.

As you can see, they are sorts of marble that add to the projects a sense of exclusiveness because of the characteristics of the natural stone.

Let’s go to talk about them…

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ambar gold fondo

Amber is a kind of marble with fine and compact grain. Characterized by its colors, mixed ocher and yellow throughout his giving the impression of a gradient in its surface.

Also this marble differs from the wide range of natural stone that can be found around the world for its fossils, both animals and plants. It is considered for some experts as a great example of the long story behind each square meter in this type of marble called Amber.

It is a Spanish marble, which has gone into European  and international territory strongly. One of the great representatives of Amber is the famous architect Frank O. Gehry. He is the creator of the Guggenheim in Bilbao building and the most luxurious and prestigious building in Hong Kong, the OPUS, considered one of the most wanted places by Asian fortunes.


ambar gold quarryGuggenhein

ambar marbleOPUS

In addition to these large buildings, we can also find Amber on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, replicas of the caves of Altamira (Spain), even in the offices of the Champs Elysees in Paris.

As we can see applications of this material are endless, from floorings, walls, sinks, columns both outside and inside.

ambar wall

stairs ambar gold


sierra elvira

Grey Spain marble is a Spanish marble with greyish tones.

This type of marble like the previous one is a material along its surface we find fossil rest mostly ammonites and crinoids, the first are those similar to snails and second appearance, are known like lilies of the sea. What it makes us know that this rock millions of years ago began his training under the sea.

Applications of Grey Spain are also innumerable,this kind of marble is a well-known material in the south of Spain, where we can find thousands of examples, walking on the streets, buildings coated with this material, because of its hardness and outsite resistance.

sierra elvira marmol español

Clear signs of these examples are the Carlos V Palace at the Alhambra, the Cathedral of Granada (Spain) and the Royal Hospital of the city named above.

marmol sierra elvira




Silver Travertine marble belongs to the range of travertines but in recent years trends in architecture and design are attributing great importance to the own natural stone decoration and like all previous ones, the Silver Travertine is defined as a marble with personality . In addition to its small cavities on the surface as all travertines. Silver Travertino has another feature, and its mix of colors.

Lo podemos encontrar en tonos grises, con y sin veteado en tonos beige, e incluso con veteado marrón. Todo esto se debe al proceso de sedimentación por el cual este tipo de piedra natural se forma.

We can find it in grey tones, with and without veining in shades of beige or brown. All this is due to the sedimentation process by which this type of natural stone is formed.

Besides all that, it has different types of finishes, such as:

Covered pore , polished finish

Covered pore, honed finish

Natural Pore uncovered, polished finish

Natural Pore uncovered, honed finish.

Besides all the stones as described above, applications of this type of marble are both indoors and outdoors.



pietra grey marble

Marble Pietra Grey, is a marble anthracite with clear veining that give this kind of material a harmonious aesthetics and the possibility of cross-use, both in terms of taste and application.

Grey  Pietra marble is as well used in construction issues (walls, floors, bathrooms …) and in production of furniture such as tables, countertops, sinks, etc.

This kind of  marble injectes an air of seriousness and style to all environments to which they are applied.

Another way to take advantage of these types of marble is playing with different finishes that we have:

  • Polished
  • Cut (raw)
  • Honed
  • Aged

pietra grey app


These are materials that are lastest trends in the world and you, do not you want to have them for your project?

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